Writers Write is something I’ve put together from my home base in Melbourne, Australia to provide workshops, writing-tips and manuscript assessments that are geographically and financially accessible for all writers at all stages of their writing journey.

Whether just starting out or wanting to get started, well along your way and needing a boost, to editing, polishing and submitting your work, I wanted to share top to bottom experiences and advice to help you find and deepen your voice and narrative control.

How this came about

Tired of being a lifelong wannabe, in October 2014 I signed up for a Freefall Writing workshop and started writing. 

Since then I have been to countless seminars, writers festivals, conferences and workshops and read an impossible number of books, articles and quotes on writing. I have written and rewritten and re-drafted and edited a novel-length manuscript highly commended highly commended for the Fellowship of Australian Writers Unpublished Manuscript Award. And, gone back to the drawing board to learn my craft and how to see and unpick the problems with the work and to allow intuitive solutions make the writing stronger. 

Through all of this, I have learnt a lot. 

And so, I have established Writers Write to share what has worked for me and, as relevant, to facilitate ways for other writers to engage with some of these same mentors, teachers, writers and workshops that I have found to be of value. 

I’ve been managing and marketing Freefall Writing workshops in Australia since 2015. Writers Write expands this work to bring other writers and teachers to Australia, as well as enable access to residencies and other opportunities for all of us to further our writing.

If you want to get involved in workshops, access teachers and mentors, or just talk about your own writing journey, please get in touch.

Warm Regards,
Kirsten Cameron.

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