Readings for Writers

Monthly readings of work in progress, where you can hear your draft read by an independent voice, gain feedback from other writers, and learn new tools and techniques by listening to what is working in the writing of others.

Held on the first thursday of each month on Zoom, the work in progress of three different writers is read at each session. After each reading there is a short discussion about what is working in the writing, and how this is being achieved. Everyone attending is encouraged to contribute their thoughts in person or via the chat-channel, so the writer can get a diverse view on what is engaging audiences in their work.

Participation is open to any and all writers at any stage of their development.

Upcoming readings

Currently, readings are scheduled for:

The readings are open for anyone to attend across Australia, or even the globe – if the time works for you, you can come along.

If you have work that you would like read, just fill in the submission form here.


For as long as I can manage it, monthly Readings for Writers all be run for free, and for Weekend Sessions with special guests, pay-what-you-can.

Have your work read

Any writer at any stage of development can send in any piece of writing at any stage of development, whether it’s hot off the keyboard, a first draft or more developed piece of writing, it will be read.


At this stage, the focus is on fiction, memoir and narrative non-fiction, but don’t let that stop you submitting poetry, personal essay, non-fiction or plays for stage or screen.

Submission process

  • Send in up to ten pages, max 2800 words, of writing (A4, double spaced, 12 point font, 3cm margins) along with an indication of
    • what draft the writing is, hot off the press, first draft, more developed
    • if this is a standalone piece or part of a larger work, and if part of a larger work send some dot points of anything the reader would already know when reaching this “chapter”
  • Wait to hear when your reading is scheduled
  • Join the live reading to hear your work read and
  • Receive verbal feedback, focussing on what is working in the writing

NB There is no minimum for the number of pages submitted, but the maximum is ten A4 pages (2800 words), double spaced, 12 point font, 3cm margins.

Send in your submission here.

Join the audience

Readings for Writers are open for anyone with an interest in writing to attend. While contribution to the discussion is invited, there is no obligation to participate. Being on Zoom you can join from anywhere. And, you can choose how visible you want to be with video optional and chat open.

Currently, readings are scheduled for:

Join the Writers Write mail list to for scheduling updates and writer announcements.

How to Talk About Writing

The discussion and feedback given to writers will draw on the Freefall Writing practice and Barbara Turner-Vesselagos “How to Talk About Writing”. The foundation is that writers can learn more from hearing what is working for the reader than from any other type of feedback.

There is more about Freefall and How to Talk About Writing here, and to stay informed about readings, or to send in your work, join the mail list or contact us.

I look forward to having you along,

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