Barbara Turner-Vesselago

Barbara teaches Freefall Writing™ Workshops privately and through universities in Canada, the US, England and Australia. She is a writer and an editor, with a doctorate from the University of Cambridge.

Barbara Turner-Vesselago’s “Freefall Writing ™,” has helped hundreds of writers to publish fiction, memoir, non-fiction and poetry worldwide.

Freefall Writing

As the name suggests, Freefall invokes the courage to fall without a parachute, into the words as they come, into the thoughts before they have fully formed in the mind, into the unplanned structures that take shape, without prompting, to contain them.

By means of five simple precepts, Barbara leads the writer step by step into developing real trust in writing through the art of Freefall.
1. Write what comes up for you.
2. Don’t change anything.
3. Give all the sensuous detail.
4. Go where the energy is, or go fearward.
5. Observe “The Ten-Year Rule”.

Freefall Writing Workshops

Whether you are an experienced author or someone just starting out, your writing will benefit enormously from the Freefall Writing experience. From the first day, participants find their writing deepens and begins to flow, whatever their ultimate goal or focus. Over the course of the week, confidence grows and bold new projects emerge, while existing projects gain direction and clarity.

Freefall Writing Books

Writing Without a Parachute: The Art of Freefall shows both beginning and experienced writers how to get the thinking mind to step aside, so that writing becomes truly creative – a vulnerable and open-hearted engagement with the moment.

Freefall into Fiction: Finding Form is designed to help writers, step-by-step, to create publishable short stories, novels and memoirs by finding their own unique balance between the exploration offered by Freefall Writing and the requirements of each particular genre.

 ‘How To Talk About Writing‘ provides invaluable advice for all who long to respond constructively to writers who seek their input, but who don’t know how or where to begin.

“Freefall is an amazing process. I’m always telling anyone who wants to write:  do Freefall!”

Helena McEwen, author of The Big House and Invisible River (Bloomsbury)

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