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While writing is so often a solitary task, writing workshops can help connect you to other writers, ways of approching your work, and to the writing itself. Workshops hosted by Writers Write are focussed on removing barriers and bias to let the creative genuis of our subconscious minds be free.

Freefall Writing Workshops

Led by Barbara Turner-Vesselago, Freefall Writing Workshops allow you to learn by doing: powerful writing immersion is balanced by informed, personal guidance.

With a focus on daily writing and daily feedback on your writing, these workshops are ideal for all writers

  • wanting to reinvigorate or kickstart their writing habit
  • who are just starting out, providing the space and support to find your narrative voice
  • seeking to flex their writing muscle and develop new work, or new areas of an existing project.

Upcoming Freefall Workshops

The following workshops are scheduled to suit writers across Australia:

For Freefall Writing Workshops across the globe visit Freefall Writing Workshops.

High Plains Writing Workshops

In her generative, genre and editing workshops, writer and teacher Robin McLean creates this inspiration, space and pressure to move your writing to a deeper level.

Tailoring activities and exercises to suit the group, Robin helps writers find the hidden doorways already waiting in their writing. Then to go deeper. Exploring and learning to exploit these umapped landscapes. Dismantling the barriers to our best and deepest, most adventuresome writing.

High Plains Writing Workshops are suited to all writers

  • seeking to access new ways into their work
  • starting out and wanting a creative push
  • needing a kickstart to develop something new or to reinvigorate an existing project.

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