High Plains Writing Workshops

Immersive workshops designed to push your writing past the boundaries you didn’t know you had.

The High Plains Writing Workshop Philosophy

To progress our craft, a writer needs both inspiration and time for new ideas to incubate, crack open and grow. To explore new artistic territory, to excite ourselves and ignite out work, a writer also needs a third element, a bit of pressure. We need risk in order to leave our comfort zones, our time zones, hemispheres. A little push off the cliff’s edge.

In her generative, genre and editing workshops, writer and teacher Robin McLean creates this inspiration, space and pressure to move your writing to a deeper level.

Generative Workshops

Generative workshops are intended for just that, for you to generate new work, or delve more deeply into pre-existing stories. 

Through a series of craft exercises and tailored writing activities we will open hidden doorways that already waiting in your writing. Once there, we will venture deeper in. Exploring and learning to exploit these umapped landscapes. Dismantling the barriers to our best and deepest, most adventuresome writing.

High Plains Generative workshops are suited all writers whether just starting out, or more established. These workshops will help you find the makings of the story, as well as give you different entry points to develop something you are already working on.

These workshops are suited to writers at all levels, whether just starting out, starting something new, or, seeking to explore new territory hidden beneath existing work.

Expressions of interest are being taken Robin McLean’s High Plains Generative Workshop’s:

  • Writing boot, an intensive one-day workshop for writers who are just starting out, or need re-starting, and
  • Upside Down? Right side up? a three-day generative workshop that will push you past your boundaries.

To register your interest or find out more get in touch to book.

For High Plains Workshops around the world, visit https://www.ikescanyon.com/copy-of-workshops-around-the-world-1.

If your writers group or organisation would like to host a High Plains Generative Workshop, contact us.

Editing Workshops

We live in an age that adores “Genius,” the Mozarts of the world who get things perfect — glorious and resonant — on the first draft. Most of us don’t, and perhaps we should be thankful.  In High Plains editing workshops we will delve under the tip of the Iceberg, which is what most early drafts are. We will examine work on the line level, but we also mine larger fissures for troves of treasure. We will dig and expand and excise with the eye to make your work more like  your work can be.

As writers we are often told “writing is re-writing”, High Plains Editing workshops provide the tools and experience to develop a powerful next draft.

High Plains Editing Workshops are suited for writers with a developed draft that is ready for refinement.

We are taking expressions of interest for Robin McLean’s 3-day High Plains Editing Workshop to be conducted online Australian mornings/USA afternoon-evenings. Find out more about Icebergs & Elbow Grease and contact us to book.

If your writers group or organisation would like to host a High Plains Editing Workshop, contact us.

Genre Workshops

High Plains Genre Workshops are suited to writers working in a specific genre who are interested in generating new work.

If you are interested in participating in a Genre Workshop, or, if your writers group or organisation would like to host a genre workshop, contact us.

Tailored workshops and events

Robin McLean has conducted generative, editing and structured feedback workshops across the globe. Workshops can be tailored to suit the time zones and needs of writers. If your writers group or organisation would like to host a workshop or event with Robin, please contact us.

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